Additional new production area at Mi-Me in Bonate Sopra

The production area of Mi-Me in Bonate Sopra grows by a good 3500 square meters.

It was concluded during last year the construction of a new production area and an additional enlargement of the warehouse surface to be followed by the progressive entry of further new high-speed presses.

Blechexpo 2019

Mi-Me will be exhibiting at Blechexpo 2019 in Stuttgart

HiPr – High Precision Production

It is an important european project. The basic idea of HiPr is to develop all required enabling technologies for bringing micro-forming of small parts to industrial level. Visit the website


Kovytec is a new Mi-Me production unit in Slovakia specialized in the production of custom-designed blanked and assembled metal parts.

Mi-Me for the environment

By replacing all the lights of the production departments with new lighting devices with LED technology, Mi-Me has made a significant contribution to support the environment around us.

Pmi Day

Mi-Me joins with great enthusiasm the PMI DAY initiative of “Confindustria Italy”.

The company is opening every year its doors to the young students of the secondary school.

The purpose of this initiative is to show to the students a working reality giving them some important tools for future professional choices.

Abo project

Mi-Me has supported cancer research helping ABO Foundation.

Conflict minerals policy

Mi-Me adopts the “Conflict Minerals Policy”.