For over 60 years of experience and know-how

In 1950 Pietro Meles founded a business producing metal wire items in Lecco.

In 1964, the company moved to Presezzo in the province of Bergamo where, thanks to the founder’s technical skills, the foundations were cast for the company’s development in terms of both quality and size.

The company went on to produce metal blanked parts, also with precious metal coating.

In the early 80’s the company began a 15-year collaboration with an important long-established German producer of electrical contacts and materials with precious metal coatings.

In 2001, production moved to Bonate Sopra where it was joined by the warehouse and toolroom in 2009.

At the beginning of January 2011 the headquarters also moved to the new Bonate Sopra site.

Mi-Me currently exports around 80% of its production all over the world.